Covenants, Conditions and Restrictions (CC&R)

  1. ​Units may only be used as a single family, residential dwelling and the number of people residing in the unit must be in compliance with both State and Municipal housing codes.
  2. Laundry may not be hung from any part of a unit.
  3. NOTHING whatsoever may be attached to the vinyl siding of a Unit.
  4. ​No signage of any kind may be displayed on the inside of a window or the outside of any unit.
  5. Uniform Appearance of Units: Nothing shall be done to any unit or Common Elements which will impair the structural integrity or appearance of any building. No owner may make structural additions, alterations, or improvements in or to their Unit or in or to the Common Elements without prior written approval of the Association.
  6. Personal planting is allowed and encouraged in the garden beds outside your Unit. The garden beds shall be maintained by the home owner.
  7. The Unit Owner is responsible for cleaning up after their pet. Waste disposal is the responsibility of the owner. Documented proof of your failure to pick up after your pet will be reported to the NJ Board of Health and result in a $250.00 fine for each occurrence.
  8. The Unit Owner is responsible for their pet and must maintain control over the animal at all times. Pets shall not annoy or intimidate any resident of Deep Run. Failure to control your pet will result in a fine for each occurrence reported to the management office.
  9. Flammable liquids may not be stored on the Common Elements, inside of or outside of any Unit within Deep Run.
  10. Propane bottles are limited to two containers per unit and may not be stored inside of a Unit.
  11. All garbage must be placed inside the dumpster.
  12. Bulk Pickup Items should be placed on the ground, alongside the recycling bin. Bulk pickup is conducted every Wednesday.
  13. Trash, construction debris, garbage bags etc. may not be stored outside your unit.
  14. Dish Antennas may not be attached to any part of a Unit.
  15. Cable wiring shall be concealed and installed in a professional manner inside the Unit.
  16. Decks shall be power washed and stained using the approved color, every three years.
  17. ​Outdoor Speakers may not be permanently installed on any unit.
  18. ​Outdoor portable speakers shall not disturb or infringe upon the privacy of any other unit.
  19. Decks are to be used for seasonal recreation activities and shall not be used as an outdoor closet. 
  20. Charcoal Grills and/or open flame devices are not allowed on Association Property.
  21. Chimney and Dryer Vent must be cleaned every 2 years. Proof of cleaning should be sent to Property Manager.

Daily fines range from $25.00 to 250.00 dollars. 

Excerpt from the Association By-Laws.

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