Fireplace chimney & Dryer vent

Mandatory to all Deep Run homeowners

Due to insurance liability, it has become mandatory in many states (including New Jersey) to depend on townhouse management and condo associations to make sure that dryer ducts are properly installed and every 2 years cleaned to prevent fires.

In order to comply with this mandate, all unit owners, no exceptions, must provide a paid invoice for a cleaned and inspected clothes dryer and chimney to the Property Manager every 2 years.  Failure to comply will result in a large financial penalty for the Association.

Many people believe that cleaning out their lint filter after each load of clothes will prevent a dryer fire, they are wrong. Lint is so small that it bypasses the lint filter and over time it starts to accumulate inside of the dryer’s cavity and the dryer’s venting system. Once the lint has accumulated in the system there are several triggers that make the dryer overheat and ignite the lint. These triggers prevent the dryer from operating normally. Lack of airflow causes the dryer to run longer, hotter, and eventually overheat. Once the dryer overheats, any lint that has built up inside of it will catch on fire. There are over 15,500 dryer fires each year.

Note, fireplaces (both gas and wood) need to have their chimneys inspected as well

We were able to negotiate a group price for our community with Up on the Roof 

As of December 2021 the prices are:

  • Dryer vent $69.00 (reg. $99.00)
  • Chimney $129.00 (reg. $159)

Please call Aaron Golub 732-780-6985 and schedule an appointment (mention Deep Run), or you can choose any company on your own.

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