• HOA is responsible for the landscaping of all common property
  • Residents are responsible for taking care of the property in front and the back of their units (2 feet).
  • Residents can plant flowers, bushes or grow vegetables if they desire
  • Residents cannot plant trees too close to their property not to damage the foundation

Planting Trees Rules on Common Properties

  • The association is willing to reimburse the price of 2 (two) trees planted by the homeowner up to $150.00 per each tree. Proof of purchase must be provided to the Property Management.
  • The trees should be planted no closer than 15 feet for small trees and 20 feet for large trees from the building and recommended spacing between trees should be preserved (depends on the kind of a tree)
  • Homeowner agrees to water tree(s) regularly
  • Planting the trees should be approved by the board (link to request for approval form) prior to submission for reimbursement
  • List of allowed trees is available below

Botanical Specimens


Callery Pear
Canada Hemlock
Denise Japanese Yew
Dwarf Spruce
Flowering Crab
Green Mountain Sugar Maple
Japanese Andromeda
Kwanzan Cherry Tree
Lombardi Poplar
Pin Oak
Pinus Strobus
Purple-Leaf Plum
Red Oak
Regent Scholar Trees
Scotch Pine
Sentry Ginkgo
Summer Star Dogwood
White Birch


Amur Privet
Ilex Metzi
Japanese Andromeda
Mock Orange
Sargent Juniper
Spreading English Yew
Limelight Hydrangena


If you are into landscaping or gardening – GARDENIA website (owned by Jardins Sans Secret)* might be a good start for your research. 
*Note: Deep Run hos no any affiliations to Jardins Sans Secret

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