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Deck life expectancy is 30 years.
As of Sep 2021, HOA has only 6 original decks that must be replaced. The rest of the deck will only be fixed going forward for the duration of life expectancy

Residents are responsible for power washing and painting their deck every 3 years to preserve materials

If the deck is properly maintained by the owner and needs to be fixed, HOA will cover the cost of repairs

HOA is responsible for the deck size 10′ x 10′. The cost may vary based on the market price of the materials.

  • Cost covered by HOA does not cover the painting of the deck.
  • Residents must paint the deck or can hire someone at their own expense.
  • All decks should be painted in the same color. Please refer to the paint# on Deep Run Web Site

Deck size Extension:

  • All decks should be built identical in the design
  • The deck cannot be extended more than 2 feet to the front and cannot exceed the size of your unit in width (with exception to the corner unit, allowing the deck to be built over the corner)
  • The price must be discussed and agreed on between the vendor and unit owner
  • Unit owner is responsible for the cost of the extension, whick must be paid directly to the vendor. There will be no installment payments with the HOA

Three Year Homeowner Power Wash and Stain

Stain Color Specification:


     SKU: 9 5 7 1 2 1 6 3 5 5


Depending on the stoops’ condition, the stoops can be fixed or fully replaced.

Stoops should be built identical since we are condominium and must maintain a similar appearance from the outside.

The vendor will perform the estimate and provide the quote for repairs and new stoops. The vendor will also inform both the owner and the board what is the best route to take

Stoop Replacement:

  • Board is responsible for up to $1,000 towards new stoops
  • Unit owner is responsible for the rest of the payment to be provided directly to the vendor
  • No installment payments will be provided by HOA
  • Stoop Fixes:
    • HOA is responsible for fixing the stoops where possible
    • If the fix will exceed $1,000 the owner will not be eligible for the $1,000 toward the new stoops when he finally decides to change it


  • Most of the roofs are new (2 roofs in Sierra court are pending to be fixed)
  • Roof life expectancy is 15 years
  • Video, explaining why proper ventilation matters to the health of your attic and your overall roofing system:


  • Siding was replaced in 2016
  • HOA is not responsible for the power washing the units but can assist in finding a better price if a group of owners wants to do it
  • Residents cannot attach anything to the siding

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