Snow Removal Operations

Managing the cost of snow removal is everybody’s responsibility.

The components of snow removal are:

  • Insurance
  • Equipment fuel and maintenance
  • Cost of Labor
  • Salt and Snow Melt chemicals

Snow Melt is stored in blue buckets locate at each mailbox station within a Court. The snowmelt is to be used on the steps and walks to your home. You should obtain a smaller container to transport the material to your entry. The salt pails are not to be removed from their storage location.

Our snow removal contractor maintains a three-foot safe working distance to a parked vehicle. Salt application is hindered, and more time is spent plowing snow if there are vehicles preventing snow removal operations.

Melting snow produces water that requires a clear path to a storm drain.
The storm drains are maintained as part of the snow removal operation and therefore cannot be blocked by a parked vehicle.

Deep Run Drive is a private road that must be kept open for emergency service vehicles. Access to the OBMUA sewage pumping station is a 7x24x365 day requirement. Under no circumstances shall any vehicle be parked at or near the entrance to the pumping station.

Any vehicle in violation of these rules will be towed at the owner’s expense. While parking on the Association Property the home owner is responsible for their guests.


  • No Vehicle shall be parked on Deep Run Drive during snow removal operations.
  • At no time should any vehicle park within 20 feet of the entrance to any Court.
  • No Vehicle shall park a vehicle in such a manner as to block the flow of water into a storm drain.

Your cooperation during snow removal operations is required to complete the operation in a timely manner. To that end, be prepared to move and remove snow from your vehicle when directed by the snow removal crew. You can return your vehicle to your assigned parking space after the court has been cleared.

Vehicles that are not removed from a parking space will remain snow bound. 

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